About us

The company was established in 1978, in Merelim de S. Paio, holding the founder’s name, Manuel da Cunha Gomes. At the time, its main commercial activities were household appliances sales and electric storage water heaters manufacturing.

A short time after being established, in 1980, it expanded its activities to include arcade machines renting, an activity on which the company grew during the following decade.

From 1990 onward, the company ceased trading with household appliances and electric storage water heaters. Under a new name, Jogos Andreia - Exploração de Jogos, Lda., it shifted its activity solely to arcade machines rentals, making available simulators, arcade video games, pool tables and Land Gaming for coffee shops, bars, arcades, recreation centers and commercial spaces. Later on, the activity also included a vast array of cranes and prize machines fitted for the market’s demands.

Subsequently, on 8th July 2002, following market evolution and having in mind the necessary adjustments every business goes through nowadays, the company changed its name to Jogos Andreia - Exploração de Jogos, S.A.

By the end of 2003, and taking into account the broadening of its services, the company also added vending machines to its rental opportunities, fitting into the market as an alternative to the usual coffee break, fulfilling the needs of clients and employees in business spaces by offering quality products which also improve working environment and the clients’ companies public image.

Late 2005, the company relocated to its new facilities in Tenões, Braga.

Given its growth into new business areas, particularly the catering business, in July 2008 the company’s name changed once again, now to Andreia S.A.

In 2016, since the company’s core business had been changed, a rebranding gave it a new identity, with a new logo and corporate image.

Vending machines rentals became, in time, Andreia S. A.’s core business. On 15th November 2018, its Quality Management System was certified by the norm NP EN ISO 9001:2015 in the scope of the “Supply of Drinks and Food Produce through Vending Machines, including Implementation, Catering and Maintenance”.

About Us
About Us


Andreia, S.A.’s mission is to reach the highest quality, credibility, excellence, efficiency and competitivity standards among its clients, suppliers, and workers, through the creation and upkeeping of high standards Quality Management System and Food Safety System, providing the resources and equipment needed for the required performance, improvement and efficiency of its activity.
Mission: To make available exceptional products


In an ever more demanding market, Andreia, S.A.’s vision is to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and trust, assuring high standards of quality for its products and services, through the capability, quality and efficiency of the solutions we present to solve their needs. We want to broaden our market’s share and the variety of our products and services in order to promote the continuous improvement of our activity.
Vision: To become the company which best serves its customers’ needs.


The values are the moral and ethical principles and tenets which prevail and govern the corporate culture of our company, whether in our internal relationships whether in our relationship with suppliers and clients. Thus, Andreia S.A. promotes fundamental Values as operating guidelines for its activity, and tries to pass them on to its workers whether in relationships it establishes with them, whether in the relationships they establish with outside parties. 
Values: Honesty, Responsibility, Integrity, Precision, Professionalism, and Expertise
Company establishment as Manuel da Cunha Gomes: household appliances sales and electric storage water heaters manufacturing.
Starts arcade games rentals.
Ceased to sell household appliances sales and to manufacture electric storage water heaters. New name: Jogos Andreia - Exploração de Jogos, Lda.
On 8th July 2002 the company changed its name to Jogos Andreia - Exploração de Jogos, S.A.
Starts vending machines rentals.
Late 2005, the company relocated to its new facilities in Tenões, Braga.
New name: Andreia S.A.
Company’s rebranding, new logo and corporate image.
Quality Management System certification by the norm NP EN ISO 9001:2015.

Quality and Food Safety Policy

Quality and Food Safety
  • To manage Quality and Food Safety as crucial company standards, enforcing and upholding the Quality Management System according to NP EN ISO 9001 and supplying food products according to HACCP methodology;
  • To assure the proper performing of the Quality and Food Management System in order to secure the keeping of the company’s goals for continuous improvement and greater efficiency.
Client/Customer oriented
  • To meet and to satisfy our clients’ needs, offering high quality products/services to our customers in accordance to the high level of Quality and Food Safety protocol;
  • To promote the company’s reputation as a supplier of high-quality products/services, having in mind our clients’ trust;
  • To guarantee, to the final customers, clear and easy to understand information through the labeling of our products, in order to gain their confidence.
Relationship management
  • To deepen our relationships with our suppliers, having in mind trustworthy relationships and, in this way, to promote the best solutions for our clients;
  • To promote the cooperation with our suppliers, based on communication and understanding, in order to ensure a safe, efficient and quality service for everyone;
  • To keep strong and lasting relationships with everyone in the value chain, namely machine and food suppliers, based on the sharing and adding of value.
Focused on people
  •   To foster a family environment based on team spirit and built on our workers engagement, thus promoting new ideas, the improvement of products/services and our workers’ contributions to enhance performance and workplace satisfaction;
  • To ensure a professional organization through sponsoring continuous training, fitting the needs for workers’ qualification and promoting more satisfaction to their performances.
Legal compliance
  • To uphold, in all areas, the strict compliance of the regulation, law, norms and others concerning our activity;
  • To secure that the conformity and safety of the products we make available are the result of planed and systematic actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement;
  • To secure the upholding of demands and expectations of everyone involved, keeping with them a close and truthful relationship.