Vending machines

Automatic vending machines offer a vast set of products: fresh pastry, sandwiches, dairy products, candy bars and several drinks. They have automated temperature control, allowing the preservation freshness and all-round quality of the products, specifically complying with package preservation demands.
Depending of the type of machine and the client’s needs, payment might be customized for coins, bills and/or electronic key.
Currently, we work with a set of suppliers hand-picked according to their market experience, position and reputation.

We have the following machines:

- Hot beverages
- Snacks
- Combined (Hot beverages e snacks)

Prize machines

Among our prize machines we have:

- Cranes
- Kids rides
- Caroussel
- Balls dispensers

Any one of these options can be customized according to the clients' needs.


To complement our machines, we make available several kinds of bulk vending refills:

- Toy capsules
- Bouncing balls
- Knobby balls
- Plush
- Etc.


Machine Models:

- Luxor
- Super Poly
- Phone booth
- Chicken
- Bowly Mix
- Top Model
- Nilo
- Horus
- Every Time Prize Cranes
- Crane Saurus
- Kids Rides


With our vast experience and solid position within this market, we have always available the best offers and the best service.

Arcade Machines

We have available for our clients a wide range of arcade machines and games:

- Rides
- Touchscreen machines
- Arcade machines
- Pinball
- Flippers
- Darts
- Fuzzball
- Air hockey
- Punching/Kicking machines
- Hammer machines

Free setting up and many quality products

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