Our servicing and repairs service range all areas of our business, including:
  • Vending
  • Arcade games
  • Prize machines
In order to accommodate these needs, we have a team of specialized experts with vast experience available, ready to deal with any technical issue which may come up with our machines.
The continuous technological innovation of the machines we make available demands constant training, which we make available periodically, working along with the machine builders’ technicians, in order to supply our customers with the best services; this training, along with our vast experience, make our technical team able to sort any kind of anomaly.
We are available by phone, e-mail or by the site’s contact form to receive notifications of malfunctions or for any other request. The efficiency of our customer service is attested by many years of experience with different kinds of equipment.
We will give maximum priority to your requests and will give a reply in the shortest span of time possible.

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