The world’s progress has radically changed standard behavior in modern societies in a short period of time, giving way to new habits and a new set of needs. Different forms of relating to the workplace and the necessary adjustments in ordinary life that these require made compulsory the continuous accessibility of certain products which, given their rising demand, want better quality standards, ranging not only the products’ quality but also the care for new nutritional restrictions focused on human and environmental sustainability. In that sense, we have closely followed the growing market of vending machines, whether in the sense of tracking technological improvements, whether above all in searching for partners and suppliers which offer the necessary assurance for a more challenging contemporary society. Our goal is to define a business structure fitting the specific needs of each client, in this way certifying the necessary and expected success of both parts.
We have at your disposal a vast array of machines which can be modified and fitted to the needs of each client.

Installation requirements:

  • Free setting up
  • Daily replenishment of the machine  
  • Transport vehicles equipped with refrigeration systems, assuring the quality and freshness of the products  
  • Maintenance vehicles ready and available for support  
  • Previously selected products according to the clients preferences and needs  


To keep up the high-quality standards we set for ourselves, the replenishment of our machines will be daily or, when necessary, customized to fit the client’s needs.

We make available for our clients refrigerated transport vehicles to assure products’ quality and freshness.


We have a team of experts properly trained in vending machines support, allowing a quick and efficient answer to any problems which may arise.

We work hard in preventing malfunctions in all our machines, assuring periodical inspections which diminish the need for support.

Andreia, S.A. uses only its own workers, having full independence for the replenishment and technical support of our machines.


The basis for a proper diet rests on the variety of foods we consume. At Andreia S. A. we believe it is possible to keep a healthy lifestyle without having to stop eating what gives us pleasure, if only we choose high quality products.
Some of the products we make available in our machines:

  • Hot beverages: coffe, descaf, cappuccino, chocolat, tea, latte, milk.
  • Cold drinks: water, juices and sodas.
  • Fresh pastry: cakes, croissants, pies, salty pastries.
  • Sandwiches: tuna, ham, cheese, ham and cheese, burguers, hot dogs.
  • Dairy products: milk and yogurts.
  • Snacks: cereals, cookies, candy bars, candy, etc.

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